"It has been a pleasure working with BackZtage Media. They understood our needs perfectly & exceeded our expectations.


They were very professional and detail minded, explaining all the functions and steps clearly so that even laymen like ourselves understand how to operate the products.


Best of all, they were able to execute the project on a tight timeline that matched my company's budget for it."

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Behind the success of, with more than 53,000 fans in Asia and worldwide, lies a very qualified, experienced & reliable creative media team - BackZtage Media.


BackZtage Media is a leading provider of:

1) Conventional Media

Corporate & Ecommerce

Website Design and Web Design

, CMS Development, Flash Development, Copywriting, Translation & 2D Graphic Design, IT Solutions

2) Mobile & Social Media

iPhone App Development, iPad App Development, Android App Development, Facebook & Weibo App Development

3) Offline & Online Marketing

SEO, SEM, Mass Newsletter EDM, Mass SMS, Banner Advertisements, Facebook Campaigns & Management, Public Relations

Call us at +65 8299 0715 (Singapore) +852 676 10376 (Hong Kong).

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